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NSR is a private holding company that acquires underperforming or undervalued businesses, and provides capital for fast-growing or high-potential startups. NSR is led by its Chairman & CEO, Tim Edwards, an entrepreneurial thought leader and an expert at acquiring, building, and turning around businesses.

HOLDINGS: We seek to acquire businesses that are undervalued or underperforming, but that are capable of delivering sustained growth and strong returns

INVESTMENTS: We provide angel, venture capital, and mezzanine funding to private, fast-growing or high-potential organizations

“We want good growth for our companies. Good growth is growth that is sustainable and provides a strong return. We do not seek short-cuts and baseless injections of cash. When we acquire, invest, or service a company, we remain focused on long-term goals and milestones. We do not sacrifice the future for the now. We do not sacrifice the year for this quarter.” –Tim Edwards, NSR